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Community State Bank puts people first by bringing banking solutions that fit into our community members' day-to-day lives. Providing these options allows you to accomplish your day-to-day tasks with one less thing to worry about.

Mobile Banking

CSB On The Go Mobile Banking provides fast and secure access to your account so you can bank how, when and where you want from your mobile devices.

Features Include:

  • Instant Balance
  • Intuitive and Easy Navigation
  • Touch Optimized Screens and Controls
  • Remember Me Login
  • Multi-User Login

Mobile Deposit

With CSB Online Deposit Anywhere you can deposit your check even when you can’t make it to the bank! Online Deposit Anywhere allows you to securely deposit a check using CSB On The Go Mobile Banking App on your internet-enabled Apple iOS® or Android™ mobile device.

Take a picture of the front and back of your endorsed check and upload it using your CSB On The Go Mobile Banking App. You will verify the amount of the check and select where the check should be deposited – it’s that easy!

CSB Online Deposit Anywhere lets you:

  • Deposit Checks from Anywhere
  • Deposit Multiple Checks (checks must be submitted individually)
  • View Your Mobile Check Deposit History for 30 days
  • View the Status of Your Deposits from within Deposit History

Review our FAQs for more questions. 

Standard Data and Message Rates May Apply.

Check Ordering

Local is our middle name! At CSB we pride ourselves on keeping things local. That includes our in-house check printing. That means quicker turnaround times for you.

Online Bill Pay

With CSB’s free online bill payment, you can pay and receive bills online. Choose from a growing list of the nation's billers that deliver bills electronically, and you won't have to wait for your bill to arrive in the mail. You'll be able to pay who you want, when you want, whether you're at home, at the office, or on the road. No more searching for stamps or envelopes. Best of all, it's free.

Online Banking

Convenient banking on your time. Monitor account balances, view and print statements, transfer funds or make CSB loan payments. Advance money from a line of credit or set up automatic transfers right from home. You can also export account information to your personal account system.

Digital Wallet

Your Wallet without the Wallet.

On your smartphone, you can now access Samsung Pay™, Google Pay™, and Apple Pay® to pay with your phone the next time you’re at the store. Simply download the appropriate app in your app store and follow the step-by-step instructions to load your CSB Debit MasterCard® along with all your other loyalty cards and credit cards.

Apple Pay is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. Google Pay is a trademark of Google Inc. Samsung Pay is a registered trademark of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd Mobile carrier rates may apply

Safe Deposit Box

A safe storage solution for all your valuables. With a variety of sizes, you can pick the box that best fits your needs. Please stop in to see one of our Customer Service Specialists at your local branch for more information.

Discount on annual rental fee if connected to a Community Interest Checking Account.

Not FDIC insured.

Pop Money

Effective June 30th, 2023, Popmoney will no longer be available through our Online Banking system. This service will be discontinued. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. The decision to discontinue this service was not made by Community State Bank. Fiserv, the vendor managing this service, has opted to sunset the product.

If you currently use Popmoney, please review the following information:

What should I do to prepare? Notify your contacts that you will no longer be using Popmoney and arrange an alternate payment method. Please cancel all recurring payments. You may also want to make record of your Popmoney transaction history. This information may not be available after June 30th.

What if I am expecting to receive Popmoney payments after June 30th? Popmoney will no longer be available and the transaction will not be completed. Please arrange an alternate payment method to receive the funds.

What happens to my future dated Popmoney payments? Popmoney payments processed before June 30th will be sent within Community State Bank's Online Banking. As of June 30th, you will need to use an alternate payment method.  

Are there any alternatives available? Yes! Several. We still have Bill Pay for reoccurring payments available along with the feature to transfer Account to Account. While the bank cannot recommend or endorse other fund transfer solutions, we can suggest that customers research alternatives such as: PayPal, Venmo, Apple Cash, and Samsung Pay.

Once you determined the best solution to meet your needs, you do not need to communicate your intentions with the bank. Simply enroll in that new service, set up your payment account, and schedule your transfers like normal.

ATM & Debit Mastercard

With the Community State Bank Debit Mastercard®, you can enjoy a whole new level of banking and shopping convenience. With a debit card, you can pay for your purchases without cash, checks, or credit cards. As an ATM card, you can have quick and easy access to cash and Community State Bank designated accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All in one amazing card!

Pay for your purchases anywhere you see the Mastercard Debit symbol - over 12,000,000 locations around the world. Department stores, restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, and more.

Safer than carrying cash, easier than writing checks. And unlike credit cards, there are no monthly bills or finance charges. New enhanced Chip cards offer new defense systems against fraud and counterfeiting by implementing a chip on the card

Temporary ATM/Debit Cards

Never go another day without your ATM/Debit Card. We now offer temporary ATM/Debit Cards. Open a new account or lose your debit card? Visit your local branch to get a debit card right on the spot! 

Executive Package

Ask your local bank representative how to get money orders, stop payments, and a 3 inch by 5 inch safe deposit box for just $2.00 a month. No credit card needed! We'll simply charge your account for executive package each month.

Text Banking

Always on the go? Have you tried our text banking yet?

It is as easy as texting "BAL" to 99588 to get your account balance.

What are you waiting for?

Telephone Banking

Convenient and secure access to your accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Call 1-888-490-4272 to access your account information. Just choose option 1 and listen to the instructions as our options have recently changed. 

Kasasa Protect®

Remain guarded without ever feeling "on guard."

  • Full-Service Identity Restoration
    Get help and resolution the instant fraud occurs. Rest assured as certified specialists file, dispute, and resolve issues with your credit or other vital records.
  • Dark Web Monitoring Keep close tabs on your identity online. This personal watchdog scans millions of international sources in real-time, quickly spotting stolen data that could identify you.
  • Lost Wallet Protection Cancel and replace all your important documents through one point of contact. Your agent can restore your cards, licenses, passports, even traveler’s checks.
  • Credit Reporting Get deep insight into your credit record with a full annual report from Experian. It’s the first step toward fantastic financial health.
  • Monthly Credit Score & Plotter Stay on top of your credit with regular online reports. See your score at no extra cost, view trends, and find out exactly what’s moving your number.
  • 24/7 Credit Monitoring Get notices about important changes in your credit report including loan data, inquiries, new accounts, judgments, and liens around the clock.

Online e-Alert

Stay informed with CSB's free account alerts posted to your online banking account. Some great features include:

  • Notifications When Accounts Drop Below a Certain Balance
  • Alerts When a Deposit or Withdrawal is Made
  • Alerts When a Certain Check has Posted to Your Account.


Enjoy a faster, safer and easier way to track your finances.

  • Faster - Electronic Statements Can Be Viewed Immediately After They Are Created.
  • Safer- No More Paper Statements Sitting Around.
  • Easier- View up to 18 months of Statements Online.

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