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December 29, 2023

After assuming the role of President and CEO, I have had the distinct opportunity over the past nine months to meet the wonderful people of the communities we serve. Since 1951, Community State Bank has served them well and our history is steeped in the tradition and commitment of understanding the needs of the people we serve and responding to them accordingly.

I have learned what makes CSB unique and how we differentiate ourselves from other financial institutions. In doing so, the mission of keeping true to this commitment not only remains but becomes stronger as we see more and more of these other institutions leave the markets we serve.

2023 was certainly a year of challenge and change. We expect 2024 to be the same as the economic environment remains volatile. But what will not change is this bank’s commitment to its mission. So we will continue to enrich lives and elevate communities by focusing on our strengths, reducing our weaknesses and making decisions to further improve the way we serve our communities. We believe the performance of CSB is critical to its success in remaining a key component and partner with the great people of the communities we serve. 

Michael J. Bibak
President & CEO

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