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March 26, 2021


Dear Shareholders:

To say that this past year has been challenging would be an understatement.  The year started like any other, and as a bank, we were looking forward to what the year would bring.  We were in the middle of finalizing plans to open our eighth office when the pandemic hit. 

Suddenly, we found ourselves living day today.  Dealing with how to keep our staff and customers safe and still be able to provide quality customer service.  We had to shut our lobbies down for a time and handle all transactions through the drive-thru.  Our staff rose to the occasion!  They got very creative with ways to get the job done.  We even closed loans in our parking lots on the back of vehicles.

In June, with a lot of determination and a lot of prayers, we were successful in opening our newest office located in St Thomas.  That community has welcomed us with open arms and we are very pleased with how things are going. 

Even though we found ourselves spending more time on non-bank-related business, we grew over $63 million in total assets over the past year.  This is more growth in one year than we have ever experienced in the history of Community State Bank.  We were able to assist over 190 small businesses with loans through the Paycheck Protection Program.  We worked with our loan customers that were not able to meet their commitments due to COVID-19 issues by allowing them to make extensions, all while keeping up with our day-to-day business. 

You also may have noticed a new look for Community State Bank.  We decided to freshen up our logo and colors a bit.  I can assure you we are still the same community bank that we have always been but with a new updated look.  Be sure to check out our new website at  In addition, if you are trying to reach one of our employees, their new email is,, it is that simple. 

I can honestly say that even though 2020 was full of negativity and devastation, Community State Bank, I believe, came through it with flying colors.  This due to the dedicated directors, staff, and shareholders that it has.  Putting people’s needs and safety first.  Thank you for your support throughout this year and always!



Trudy K. Everhart


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